A village steeped in history, Carew boasts one of the finest castles in the county, a thousand-year-old Celtic cross and a beautifully-restored tidal-mill.

The nearby settlement of Carew Cheriton is attractively grouped around the 14th century church which contains the tombs of the Carew family; the war graves in the nearby ‘new’ cemetery are maintained in an immaculate condition. The WWII control tower on Carew’s disused airfield has been renovated as part of an ambitious aviation heritage project which includes the restoration of an Avro Anson aircraft.

Home Guard Auxiliary

The so-called ‘Secret Army’ was very active in the Carew area and there are known to have been hides at Welston and Carew Mountain.

According to local legend, the Carew Home Guard Auxiliary once took part in an exercise involving a ‘raid’ on a locally-based unit of Canadian troops. The night before the raid was due to take place, the Carew unit invited the Canadians to a local pub for a few drinks.

While they were making merry, a couple of other members of the local Auxiliary slipped into the Canadian camp and made off with most of their combat gear. The following morning, the hung-over and under-equipped Canadians were no match for the Carew raiding party!

Sageston Hall

(SN 057034) The remains of a Home Guard post and store stand at the junction with the Tenby road, together with a recently-excavated spigot mortar post covering the road junction.

Further Reading:

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To contact the Carew Control Tower Group, telephone John Brock on 01646 651356 or John Harris on 01646 651356. For information about events at Carew Castle go to

Sageston Hall (SN 057034)

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