Crymych stands at the crossroads of two ancient trackways over the mountains, but the village only really developed after the now-defunct Whitland to Cardigan railway line reached here in 1880.

Regarded as the ‘capital of the Preselis’, Crymych is at the heart of an area of moorlands best known for mysterious standing stones and Iron Age hillforts.

During WW2 these moorlands were regularly used for tank exercises, including British and American troops taking part in the top-secret Canal Defence Light (CDL) training exercises in 1944. These involved tanks which were each fitted with a very powerful carbon arc light which would be shone in the face of enemy troops, blinding and disorientating them. It was envisaged that a line of such tanks could create a ‘wall of light’ behind which advancing troops would be invisible.

Crymych Farm (SN182 340)

This was the site of a Royal Observer Corps underground nuclear monitoring post. This chamber, 4.5m x 2.3m, was made of reinforced concrete and brick and was entered by means of a steel ladder inside a vertical shaft; covering the shaft was a hatch. The chamber was constructed in 1960 and its present condition is unknown.

Crymych Farm (SN182 340)

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