The historic township of Newport is beautifully situated where the Preseli Hills meet the estuary of the River Nevern.

The number of prehistoric sites in the vicinity shows that the area had been inhabited long before the Norman lord William Martin built a castle here in about 1195, below which the township grew up. The castle still stands, although much altered, and is now a private residence. It was for its seafarers and shipbuilders that Newport became well known. More than fifty sailing vessels were built alongside the estuary, and local merchants had shares in dozens of ships which traded along the Irish Sea and further afield. An old storehouse on the Parrog has been preserved as the home of the town’s yacht club.

Feidr Brenin

A gun barrel, reputedly from the Crimean War, was built into the corner of a garden wall at the foot of Feidr Brenin.

Cae Coch

(SN 029376) This hillside location overlooking Fforest was the site of another wartime searchlight battery.

Further Reading:

The Ancient Borough of Newport in Pembrokeshire by Dillwyn Miles

The Mariners of Newport, Pembrokeshire by Dillwyn Miles.

Cae Coch (SN 029376)

52.001759, -4.8727916