Nolton & Roch

Earth-covered sub-station, still standing at Welsh Road, Nolton Haven

Nolton is a farming village with a much-restored Norman church. A mile away is Nolton Haven, a narrow inlet which ends in a sandy beach.

This was once the centre of a thriving coal-mining enterprise, and between 1850 and 1905 several local collieries exploited the seams of anthracite running out under the sea. Roch Castle was once an isolated fortification on a rock, its splendid isolation ended by the building of accommodation blocks for RAF Folly and subsequent bungalow development on the site. The southern part of Newgale Beach also falls within the community.

Nolton Haven

Surviving beach defence cubes at Nolton.

(SM 860186) A line of 12 five-foot square anti-tank cubes blocked the exit to the beach in 1940. Four of the cubes remain in place.

Further Reading:

The Civil War in Pembrokeshire by Terry John

20th Century Defences in Britain published by the Council for British Archaeology.


Mike Bennett of Lower Folly, Nolton Haven, is researching the history of RAF Folly and can be contacted via e-mail on:

Nolton Haven (SM 860186)

51.824928, -5.1068094