A CHEL type 52, such as the one at RAF St David’s, as it would have appeared in WWII.

Its fjord-like inlet makes Solva the safest harbour on this part of the coast – a fact much appreciated by the many yachtsmen who keep their boats here.

Solva has been a port since at least the 14th century, and by 1811 more than two dozen locally-owned vessels traded from the harbour. The village itself is divided into two – a lower section at the head of the fjord, well hidden from the eyes of pirates and other raiders, and an upper part which enjoys fine views over the harbour entrance.


Further reading:

The Military Airfields of Wales by Alan Phillips, 2006


The Pembrokeshire Aviation Group is keen to contact anyone who has a link to St David’s Airfield, either from wartime or post-war days. The group can be contacted through John Evans on 01646 683041.