The coastal community of Stackpole includes the villages of Stackpole, Bosherston and St Twynnells.

Stackpole Court, now demolished, was the Welsh seat of the Cawdor family for many generations. The community also includes a considerable portion of the Castlemartin RAC range, much of which is out of bounds to the public. Check the local press or the café at Bosherston for details of firing exercises.

Most of the tanks travelling to and from the AFV range at Castlemartin during the war years drove under their own power from Pembroke railway station to the camp at Merrion. This caused huge damage to the roads, particularly where tanks had to slew around corners. While the range was closed for major reconstruction in the spring of 1943, it was decided to reinforce many of the corners along the route with concrete. Much of this reinforcement has been hidden beneath subsequent layers of tar macadam, but some slabs are still visible at the crossroads near Sampson Farm. Other stretches of reinforced concrete roadway and hardstandings can be seen at various sites, including Trenorgan, Carew Farm and Newton. This work was carried out by Hussey Egan and Pickmere.

Saddle Point

(SR 982940) On the headland overlooking Broadhaven are several rock-cut weapons pits and also a rectangular rock-cut platform, all dating from about 1942. Their precise function is uncertain, since they may have been an anti-invasion emplacements or they may have been a training feature in association with the nearby tank range.

St Twynnell’s

(SR 949976) The village’s community hall stands on the site of RAF St Twynnell’s, a WW2 Chain Home Low 1 radar station. The hall itself was originally an RAF temporary brick hut. (See Castlemartin for details of nearby Cold War installations).


(SR 968948) Near the Lily Ponds is a pumphouse which would have provided water for Newton Camp, there being few fresh water sources on the limestone range. Built in 1943 out of brick and reinforced concrete, the building housed a galvanised steel chlorination tank supported on concrete blocks.

Searchlight batteries

No trace now remains of the searchlight batteries established in the early part of WW2 at Trevallen (SR 969931), Stackpole Quay (SR 991958), Castle Tank (SR 964935) and Marledge Farm (SR 986980).

Further Reading:

The Civil War in Pembrokeshire by Terry John.

Saddle Point (SR 982940)


51.608575, -4.9157745

St Twynnell’s (SR 949976)

51.639708, -4.9654732

Bosherston (SR 968948)

51.615255, -4.9364286

Searchlight batteries at Trevallen (SR 969931)

51.600026, -4.9340011

Stackpole Quay (SR 991958)

51.625060, -4.9038271

Castle Tank (SR 964935)

51.603437, -4.9414428

Marledge Farm (SR 986980)

51.644637, -4.9123067