Templeton village still shows its medieval roots, its long single street being fronted by small farms and houses with burgage plots stretching behind.

The name is thought to derive from the Order of Templars which may have had a religious house in the area.
St John’s Churchyard (SN 114 116)

Pilot officer William Alfred Cyril Davies rests here in his home churchyard. He was killed on 22nd June, 1944 when serving with 630 squadron of Bomber Command.
Wood Office Farm (SN 120 128)

A bomb fell at Wood office Farm in 1942. There were no casualties and pieces of shrapnel were later sold as souvenirs to aid the Spitfire Fund.

Further reading:

The Military Airfields of Wales by Alan Phillips, 2006


Narberth Museum has a number of artifacts relating to Templeton Airfield.

St John’s Churchyard (SN 114 116)

51.771218, -4.7348992

Wood Office Farm (SN 120 128)

51.782197, -4.7268638